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Samsung Galaxy Store Flaw

Samsung Galaxy Store Flaw Allows Remote Attacker to Run Code on Affected Phones

A security flaw in the Galaxy Store allows attackers to trigger remote code execution on affected smartphones.  The now patched vulnerability, which affects Galaxy Store...

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Scanner Hacked Using 3D Printed Fingerprint

A security flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 ultrasonic biometric fingerprint scanner can be bypassed by just having the duped 3D Printed Fingerprint of the...

Samsung Galaxy iris recognition can be Hacked simply with Owner’s Photo

Security specialists from Chaos Computer Clubs found basic strides to break iris recognition system scanner of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 system...

How a Single SMS with WAP Crap can Break your Samsung Galaxy phone

Security researchers from Contextis disclosed a bug in Samsung Galaxy phones that can be triggered remotely with SMS, which when combined give chances to ransomware...

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