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The Shocking Security Vulnerabilities Hidden in Workplace Software

Any business can experience security breaches at the software or network level. It’s common for headlines to report a virus gaining access to a...
Wireshark 3.0.4

Wireshark 3.0.4 Released – Several Vulnerabilities are Fixed & Updated Versions of Npcap

Wireshark 3.0.4 released with a fix for several bugs and vulnerabilities. The Wireshark is the most popular network protocol analyzer used for analyzing network...
VMware Security Vulnerabilities

VMware Security Vulnerabilities Leads to Code Execution and Cause DoS Condition

Vmware fixed multiple security vulnerabilities that may lead to code execution, information disclosure and DoS condition with normal user privileges. Products Affected VMware vSphere ESXi (ESXi) VMware...

Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities Affected Huawei’s Web Application that Allows Hackers To Execute Code

Security researchers from Swascan discovered critical multiple vulnerabilities in Huawei web application that could be exploited by Cybercriminals to access sensitive information. Totally three vulnerabilities...
Adobe Released Security Updates for 87 Vulnerabilities with Media Encoder, Flash, Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Adobe Released Security Updates for 87 Vulnerabilities with Media Encoder, Flash, Adobe Acrobat and...

Adobe released security updates for May that includes the fix for 87 vulnerabilities with Media Encoder, Flash Player and Adobe Reader. Successful exploitation of the...

297 Vulnerabilities Fixed with the Oracle Critical Patch Update

Oracle releases a collection of patches for multiple critical security vulnerabilities. The update contains 297 new security fixes across multiple products. Affected products including Enterprise...

PuTTY 0.71 Released – SSH Client Updated To Fix a Large Number of Security...

The free and open-source SSH client updated with the fix for a number of Security Vulnerabilities including the one in RSA key exchange and...

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