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Converting Your Android Smartphone into Penetration Testing Device

Converting Your Android Smartphone into Penetration Testing Device

Big corporations trying to improve the user experience by making everything around simplify, increasing performance and connections with "IoT's". Today with the...

How To Stop Cyber Criminals to Spy & Track Your Smartphone

Many smartphone users are surprised when they get a pop up as soon as they leave a place asking them to rate their experience...

Warning Signs of Your Smartphone Getting Hacked

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world having your computer hacked, hit with a virus and losing all your work. Now, think...

Critical Remote Code Execution on all Mainstream LG Smartphone Models

Multiple Critical vulnerabilities patched by LG that resides on default keyboard on all mainstream LG smartphone models. Both the vulnerabilities allow attackers to execute remote...
Recover Smart Phone PIN

Hackers can Recover Smart Phone PIN by combining Data Available in Sensors

Security PIN plays a vital role in protecting sensitive application such as banking applications, Wallets, and unlocking screen. It remains as a valuable asset...


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