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New Hacking Tools launching Crypto-Malware by Exploit a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability

Cybercriminals now leveraging new hacking tools and remote access software to drop cryptocurrency malware by exploiting a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability .
1.5 billion sensitive files

1.5 Billion Files Exposed on Internet from Misconfigured FTP, SMB & S3 Buckets:12 Petabytes...

More than 1.5 billion sensitive files exposed online publicly that including Patent Application, Payroll, Tax Return, Patient List, Copyright Application and Source Code. The data...
Antivirus Bypass

Windows Defender Antivirus Bypass Allows Any Malware to Execute on a Windows Machine

New Method that Involved With Defender Antivirus scanning process over SMB leads to  Windows Defender Antivirus Bypass and allows any Malware to Run into...
Trickbot Trojan

New Version of Trickbot Trojan Spread via Local SMB to Perform NetServer and LDAP...

A New version of Banking Trojan Trickbot Trojan “1000029" Spreading Via new Module  “worm64Dll” via Email Champaign that imitates as an invoice of largest Financial Institution...
Still More than 50,000 hosts are vulnerable to ETERNAL BLUE Exploit

Still More than 50,000 hosts are vulnerable to ETERNAL BLUE Exploit

Eternal Blues, a tool used in finding computers and Endpoints vulnerable to the NSA's ETERNALBLUE exploit. All we need to do is just to...


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