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SQLMAP-Detecting and Exploiting SQL Injection- A Detailed Explanation

Sqlmap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database...
Google Dorks

New Google Dorks List Collection for SQL Injection – SQL Dorks 2021

Google helps you with Google Dorks to find Vulnerable Websites that Indexed in Google Search Results. Here is the latest collection of Google SQL...
SQL Injection - Integer Based

Web Application Pentesting with Manual SQL Injection – Integer Based

Today we will perform manual SQL injection with integer based method for the MySQL database. I hope the last article on error based string...
SQL Injection to Steal Payment Card Data

A New York Man Charged for Hacking Credit Card Using SQL Injection Attacks

A New York City man Vitalii Antonenko, 28, was charged for hacking, credit card trafficking, and money laundering. Antonenko was arrested in March 2019 and...

How to Perform Manual SQL Injection While Pentesting With Single quote Error Based Parenthesis...

If you are trying to hack the databases with methods like single quotes error based injection, Integer based injection or double quotes method but the...

Web Application Pentesting – Manual SQL Injection With Error Based String Method

SQL injection is the code injection techniques to gain access to the database(MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle etc).Owasp 2018 Release still describes this injection as A1 or Level...

WordPress 4.8.3 released with patch for SQL injection (SQLi) which affected all the previous...

Wordpress 4.8.3 released with the security patches for all previous versions. The update includes the issue with $wpdb->prepare() which leads to an SQL injection. SQL...

WordPress Visitor statistics Plugin found Vulnerable to SQL Injection

An SQL Injection vulnerability discovered in one of the famous WordPress plugin WP Statistics, which is used by more than 300,000+ websites. This plugin is used...

Joomla! 3.7.1 is released to address a critical SQL Injection Vulnerability

A critical SQL Injection Vulnerability( CVE-2017-8917) with Joomla! 3.7,¬†if you are Joomla user it's you need to update immediately.  Joomla! is a content management system...

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