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Hackers using weaponized TeamViewer to Attack & Gain Full Control of the Government Networks

Researchers spotted a new wave of cyber attack from Russian speaking hacker who uses the weaponized TeamViewer to compromise and gain the...

Hackers Abusing TeamViewer Tool to Deliver Powerful Malware that Steal Sensitive Data

Threat actors misuse the popularity of the TeamViewer Tool and utilizing it to drop the malware on victim devices that steal sensitive...

Malicious Hackers Abuse TeamViewer & RMS using Malware to Steal Money From Victim Organizations...

Cybercriminals distributing powerful malware that abuse legitimate remote administration tools such as TeamViewer & RMS to gain the victim's system control remotely and steal...
BlackRouter ransomware

New Ransomware Called “BlackRouter” Attack launched through Well-known Legitimate Remote Desktop Tool

Newly discovered BlackRouter ransomware propagating thorough Well-known remote desktop tool called AnyDesk along with malicious Payload. AnyDesk is widely used Remote Desktop Tool similar to...

TeamViewer Fixed Critical Vulnerability that allows Clients to take Full Control of PC

TeamViewer is a well know software for desktop support and remote control over the Internet; it suffers a critical vulnerability which allows clients to...


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