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BusKill – A new USB Kill Cord Switch to Self-Destruct Your Data on Linux...

BusKill a new laptop kill cord Dead Man Switch for Linux machine to lock, shutdown, or to wipe out the linux machine,...

USB 4 Released – Now You can Transfer Data with 40 Gbps Maximum Speed...

USB Implementers Forum announced USB 4 which operates over USB Type-C connector and able to provide data transfer speeds up to 40...
USB Type-C

USB-IF Launches USB Type-C Authentication Program To Protect Against From Malicious Devices

USB-IF announced USB Type-C Authentication Program to confirm the authencity of the USB device USB device, USB cable or USB charger.
Fileless Malware

Fileless Malware Installing Backdoor Via USB Flash Disks

A Fileless Malware Discovered as "TROJ_ANDROM.SVN" that can ability to Create a Backdoor into Target Windows Computer which is installing via USB Flash Disks. USB...


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