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Hackers Inject Weaponized JavaScript (JS) on 51,000 Websites

Researchers from Unit 42 have been monitoring a widespread campaign of harmful JavaScript (JS) injections. The campaign aims to redirect unsuspecting victims to dangerous...
AT&T Vendor Hacked

AT&T Vendor Hacked – Over 9 Million Customers Data Exposed

The "Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)" from some wireless accounts was accessed by an unauthorized person, according to AT&T, who discovered the breach in...

100M+ Downloaded Shein App Found Copying Clipboard Content on Android Phones

There have been recent revelations by Microsoft that an old version of the SHEIN Android application has been found reading the contents of the...

MQsTTang – Chinese Hackers Using Custom Malware To Evade AV Detection

In a recent analysis, MQsTTang, a newly designed custom backdoor, has been scrutinized by ESET researchers. After a thorough investigation, the source of this...
Flaws in WordPress Houzez Theme

Critical Flaws in WordPress Houzez Theme Exploited to Hijack Websites

Houzez is a high-quality WordPress theme that is available for purchase on ThemeForest, a popular marketplace for digital products. This premium theme has been...
Zoho ManageEngine products

Hackers Weaponizing New Critical Flaw to Attack Zoho ManageEngine Products

Since January 20, 2023, there have been several instances where malicious entities have been observed exploiting a significant security vulnerability in various Zoho ManageEngine...
Hackers Use Open-Source Tools

Hackers Use Open-Source Tools to Attack Shipping Companies & Medical Laboratories

There has been an emergence of a new security threat that has been causing havoc among the Asian shipping and medical laboratory industries. It's a...
HardBit Ransomware

HardBit Ransomware Steal Sensitive Data From Victims Before Encrypting

As of October 2022, The HardBit ransomware attack was first detected as a threat extorting cryptocurrency payments to decrypt data from organizations. Recently, version...

Hyundai, Kia Flaw Lets Attackers Steal Car With a USB Cable

Car manufacturers Kia and Hyundai have recently taken measures to address concerns over vehicle security following the viral popularity of TikTok videos demonstrating how...
WordPress Sites Hacked

10,890 WordPress Sites Hacked for a Massive AdSense Fraud Campaign

The cybersecurity researchers at Sucuri recently discovered a critical backdoor that has managed to infiltrate thousands of websites over the past few months. A group...

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