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VPN-tunneled TCP

Critical Linux Vulnerability Let Hackers Hijack VPN-Tunneled TCP Connections

Researchers from the University of New Mexico uncovered a critical Linux vulnerability that affects most of the Linux distros, allows attack Inferring and...
Microsoft Azure

Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft Azure Let Hackers Take Over the Complete Control of the...

Researchers discovered a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Azure named "BlackDirect" that allows attackers to take over the Azure user's accounts and creating...

StrandHogg – Hackers Aggressively Exploiting New Unpatched Android OS Vulnerability in Wide Using Malware

Newly discovered Android vulnerability dubbed "StrandHogg" being exploited in wide by unknown hackers using weaponized malware apps that posed as a legitimate...
Adobe Hacked –  Hackers Exploit The Bug in Magento Marketplace & Gained Access To The Users Data

Adobe Hacked – Hackers Exploit The Bug in Magento Marketplace & Gained Access...

Adobe discloses the security breach on its Magento Marketplace portal, in results, attackers gained access to the registered customer's sensitive account information.

TrueCaller Flaw Let Hackers Access User Data, System and Location Information

Truecaller fixed a security flaw that may expose sensitive user data, location, and system information. The flaw was discovered by an India-based...


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