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Web Application Attacks part4

Web Application Attacks – Types, Impact & Mitigation – Part-4

With this article, we list some of the common web application attacks, impacts, and possible mitigation. In part -4 we are covering...
Web Application Security Solution

How Web Application Security Solution Helps Businesses of any size, from all Different Industry...

A web application security solution can help businesses protect their apps and website from potential cyberthreats. Businesses of all sizes, across industries and verticals,...
Automated Web Application Security

Businesses Need Automated Web Application Security Scanners to Detect Web Vulnerabilities

It is a popular belief that automated web application security scanners are not good enough. We even find some IT security professionals...
Thousands of Magento Stores Hacked in Largest-ever Skimming Campaign

Thousands of Magento Stores Hacked in Largest-ever Skimming Campaign

Hackers compromised nearly two thousand Magento stores in the largest ever web skimming campaign that targets Magento stores. The previous record of...

Ensiko – A PHP Based Web Shell with Ransomware Capabilities Attacks PHP Installation

Researchers observed a new PHP web shell dubbed Ensiko with ransomware capabilities that attack PHP installed on platforms such as Linux, Windows,...


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