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WhatsApp Bug

New WhatsApp 0-Day Bug Let Hackers Execute a Code & Take Full App Control...

WhatsApp Bug. WhatsApp silently fixed two critical zero-day vulnerabilities that affect both Android & iOS versions allowing attackers to execute an arbitrary code remotely.Facebook-owned...
WhatsApp Vulnerability

WhatsApp Discloses 6 Bugs That Allows Attackers to Execute Code Remotely

WhatsApp disclosed 6 security bugs through their dedicated security advisory site that allows attackers to execute remote code.WhatsApp is a messaging app used by...

Critical WhatsApp Vulnerability Let Hackers to Access the Local System Files on Mac &...

A critical vulnerability in WhatsApp Lets hackers read the local file systems and allows to perform cross-site scripting in Mac and Windows platform when...

New WhatsApp Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Intercept and Change Message Contents

A new WhatsApp vulnerability could allow attackers to spread fake news appeared to be sent from the trusted contacts.WhatsApp is a most popular instant...

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