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Forgot Login Password on Windows 10 Computer

You are trying to log in your computer but suddenly you know that you have forgotten your login password now what to...
Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Break into your Locked Windows 10 PC

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability that patched by Microsoft allows attackers to execute malicious code on the locked computer and gain access to the locked device...
computer security

Simple and Best Ways to Protect Your Windows Computer From Cyber Attack

Windows is a relatively secure environment, and with the enhancements to Windows Defender on Windows 10, Microsoft is continually improving its security capabilities. That said,...
Windows 10 lock

Researchers bypassed Windows 10 Lock Protection and Access Cortana Voice Commands that leads to...

The researcher discovered a new flaw in Windows 10 lock Protection that allows attackers to access the Cortana Voice Commands in the locked system...
Kali Linux in windows

Powerful Penetration Testing Distro Kali Linux Now available in Windows 10

Kali Linux one of the most powerful penetration testing Distro is now available Via Windows Store. To deploy Kali Linux in windows you should...


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