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Hackers use WinRAR as a Cyberweapon to Conduct Destructive Cyberattacks

CERT-UA (Ukrainian Government Computer Emergency Response Team) recently reported that the Ukrainian state networks suffered a cyber attack attributed to the notorious 'Sandworm' hacking...

APT-C-27 Hackers Launching njRAT Backdoor via Weaponized Word Documents to Control the Compromised Device

Goldmouse APT group (APT-C-27) now start exploiting the WinRAR vulnerability (CVE-2018-20250) to hide the njRAT backdoor and targeting users reside in the Middle East...

Alert !! Hackers Launching New JNEC.a Ransomware via WinRAR Exploits – Do not Pay

A brand new JNEC.a ransomware spreading via recently discovered WinRAR vulnerability exploit to compromise windows computer & demand the ransom amount.This exploits leverage the...

Beware !! Hackers Exploiting WinRAR Vulnerability to Hack Windows Computer While User Extract the...

Cyber Criminals launching a massive payload campaign that exploit the vulnerability that existed in the WinRAR compression tool to compromise the target Windows System.Since...

First Malware Campaign Exploits WinRAR ACE vulnerability To Hack Windows Computer

Researchers have detected the first malspam campaign that delivers a malicious RAR archive to infect victim's computer exploiting the WinRAR ACE vulnerability.The 19-year-old vulnerability...

19-Year-Old Vulnerability in WinRAR Allows Attackers to Get Complete Control over victim’s Computer

A critical old Remote Code Execution bug puts 500 million WinRAR users worldwide at risk. The vulnerability remains undetected for 19 years.Security researchers from...

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