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Hackers Drop RevengeRAT Malware On Windows System Via Weaponized Word Document

New Malware attack campaign dubbed "Aggah" targeting various countries via weaponized Word documents and infect the victims by dropping the available RevengeRAT...

Hackers Distributing Malware Via Weaponized PDF & MS Word Version of New Zealand Terror...

Cyber Criminals launching a new malware via weaponized PDF & MS Word Version of New Zealand terror suspect's manifesto.

Cobalt APT Hackers Attack Financial Organizations using Malware via Weaponized MS Word Document

Cobalt cyber criminals gang spreading new malware campaign using Weaponized MS Word Document to attack various financial institutions and also this group using various...

AdvisorsBot Malware Attack on Hotels, Restaurants, and Telecommunications Via Weaponized Word Document

Newly discovered AdvisorsBot Malware actively distributing by threat actor TA555 to target Hotels, Restaurants, and Telecommunications departments using a malicious word document. This Malware spreading in the various form...
Ransomware Attack

Beware: New “Defray” Ransomware Attack Spreading Via Microsoft Word Document

A New Emerging  Ransomware Attack called "Defray" Distributing through Microsoft Word Document and send it through Phishing Email Campaign. According to this  Defray Ransomware functionality and...


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