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Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered in WordPress Email Subscribers & Newsletters Plugin that has 100,000+ Installs

The Email Subscribers & Newsletters is a WordPress newsletter plugin used to send post notifications, send broadcasts. It can be integrated with...
WordPress Security is Easier with this Free Plugin

WP Hardening – A Free WordPress Security Plugin to Perform Real-time Security Audit On...

An average WordPress owner does not know what to do to ensure their WordPress’s security. Those who do know still does not...
buggy malware

Buggy Malware Attack on WordPress Websites by Exploiting Newly Discovered Theme & Plugin...

Researchers discovered an ongoing buggy malware campaign that attempts to exploit the newly discovered vulnerabilities resides in the WordPress theme and plugin.
Wordpress plugins

New Malware Attack Targeting 60 Million WordPress Websites to add Backdoor & Exploit Plugins...

Researchers discovered an ongoing malvertising campaign targeting millions of WordPress websites to infect with backdoor and exploiting the various Wordpress plugins vulnerabilities.
Ad Inserter

Critical Vulnerability in WordPress Ad Inserter Plugin Let Hackers to Execute Arbitrary PHP Code

A critical remote code execution vulnerability in WordPress plugin Ad Inserter, let hackers execute arbitrary PHP code in the vulnerable installations.


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