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Easy WP SMTP zero-day Vulnerability

WordPress Easy WP SMTP zero-day Vulnerability Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of Sites to Hack

Easy WP SMTP, a Wordpress plugin, with more than 500,000 installations, allows one to configure and send all outgoing mails via a...
100,000 WordPress Sites

100,000 WordPress Sites Impacted with Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) Flaw

KingComposer, a WordPress plugin found installed with over 100,000 WordPress sites found vulnerable to Reflected Cross-Site Scripting. The vulnerability...
Wordpress Websites

Massive Hacking Campaign Targets WordPress Websites to Steal Database Credentials

Cybercriminals launched more than 130 million attacks aiming to harvest database credentials from 1.3 million Wordpress sites. In this...
WordPress Plugin

Critical RCE Bug in WordPress Plugin Let Hackers Gain Admin Access on 200,000 Websites

Researchers from Wordfence uncovered two RCE vulnerabilities in Wordpress SEO plugin called Rank Math let hackers hijack nearly 200,000 vulnerable Websites...
Plugin Zeroday

Hackers Launching Website Take Over Attack by Exploiting Multiple Zero-day Vulnerabilities – 150,000 +...

Researchers uncovered a new site take over the campaign that targeting WordPress websites by exploiting the multiple Wordpress Plugin Zeroday vulnerabilities.


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