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What is XSS (Cross Site Scripting) ? – A Detailed Understanding the Type of...

XSS is a very commonly exploited vulnerability type which is very widely spread and easily detectable and also it is one of the important...
Yahoo Email

Researcher Awarded $10,000 for Disclosing Critical XSS Vulnerability in Yahoo Mail

A Finland based security researcher named Jouko Pynnönen awarded $10,000 for disclosing critical cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the webmail version of...
Web Application Attacks

Top 5 Most Common Web Application Attacks That Affecting Websites

Web application security becomes more essential as the web application continues to grow. Attackers continue to use many different methods to compromise the security...
WordPress Download Manager Plugin Vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting

WordPress AffiliateWP Plugin Vulnerable for Cross-Site Scripting

Amid the security review of AffiliateWP plugin for WordPress CMS, Security Vulnerabilities was found utilizing DefenseCode ThunderScan by Neven Biruski in application source code...

Trend Micro ServerProtect Contains Multiple Critical Arbitrary Code Execution Vunerabilities including XSS and CSRF

A Trend Micro product ServerProtect for Linux 3.0 Contain 6 Major and very critical vulnerabilities Discovered. ServerProtect Protecting against viruses, rootkits, and data-stealing malware...


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