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macOS Mojave

New Unpatched macOS Flaw Allow Hackers to Spy on Safari Browser History

Security Researcher discovered a vulnerability in macOS Mojave let malware apps bypass the privacy protection and read the safari browser web history.

Apple Released Security Update & Fixes for iOS FaceTime Zero-day Vulnerability

Apple Released an important security update for iOS, macOS and fixed a critical FaceTime Zero day vulnerability that affected iOS & macOS.

New Unpatched macOS Zero-day Flaw Allows Attackers to Read Passwords in Plain Text &...

A security researcher revealed a new critical macOS Zero-day vulnerability in the keychain that is integrated into macOS allows an attacker to...

0patch Released a Micropatch for Recently Revealed Windows Contacts (Vcard ) RCE Zero-day Flaw

Security researcher recently revealed PoC for Windows Vcard RCE Zero-day vulnerability after it crossed the 90 days patch deadline.

Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-day Flaw Exploit Provide Highest Admin Privilege to Hackers

A New privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Exchange server that allows an attacker to gain admin privilege through a set...


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