TeamViewer is a well know software for desktop support and remote control over the Internet; it suffers a critical vulnerability which allows clients to take control over the computer remotely without any permission.

The bug impacted TeamViewer versions with Windows, macOS, and Linux.Now the patches available for windows and soon we can expect for macOS and Linux.

Github user with name Handle Gellin identified this vulnerability, and it was first publicized by a Reddit user “xpl0yt” who leaked the PoC of this vulnerability.

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Permission Hook Vulnerability – TeamViewer

Gellin posted a PoC on Github “injectable C++ DLL that uses naked inline hooking and direct memory modification to change TeamViewer permissions” which activates the switch side feature that enabled only after you have let control for the client.

If exploited as a presenter by using ‘switch sides’ feature the presenter can control the viewer computer without any permissions.


If exploited as a viewer you can control for the mouse of the presenter without any permissions.TeamViewerGellin tested the vulnerability with Windows 10 and with TeamViewer Version 13.0.5058, Gellin scanned for the source code to find the assembly registers that holding pointer classes and hi-jack it via direct memory access.

Users are recommended to run the hotfix updates immediately if you have auto updates enabled it will be updated automatically.

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