Tech Support Scam

Scammers continue to adapt with new techniques to trick user’s and make them fall as a victim. Scammers always impose limits such as “call immediately” or “Offer Valid Today only” to make you act on it immediately.

Security researchers from Symantec spotted a new Tech Support Scam that adopts to call optimization service for inserting the phone numbers to scam pages to make it looks more legitimate.

Tech Support Scam

Attackers somehow manage users to get visited a malicious website, commonly through malvertising or compromised website.

Generally, tech support scam’s perform fingerprinting, according to researchers “this particular scam goes a step further and retrieves the browser version as well and redirects the user based on the browser name and version”.

Tech Support Scam

Also, it play’s audio in the background stating that the computer is infected once the user arrives at the scam page.

Then it inform’s users that their computer has been blocked due to a malware infection and tempt user’ to call the number displayed on the screen for assistance.

According to Symantec research, the scam page uses a call optimization service‚Äôs advanced JavaScript integration service that return’s scammer phone number from the server and triggers a call back function.

Tech Support Scam

By having the call optimization enabled, attackers, make sure correct phone number displayed to the user’s based in multiple countries.

Recently a sophisticated Apple Phishing Scam notifies the user’s that their account has been limited due to unusual activity and ask’s for payment details and the site was encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

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