Telegram DDoS

The secure messaging app Telegram hit by a powerful DDoS attack and the users in united states and other countries may experience connection issues with Telegram.

Telegram is a free instant messaging app like WhatsApp, well-known for its encryption, privacy, and self-destructive private messages. With Telegram, you can access your messages across multiple devices.

“A DDoS is a “Distributed Denial of Service attack”: your servers get GADZILLIONS of garbage requests which stop them from processing legitimate requests. Imagine that an army of lemmings just jumped the queue at McDonald’s in front of you – and each is ordering a whopper.”

“The server is busy telling the whopper lemmings they came to the wrong place – but there are so many of them that the server can’t even see you to try and take your order,” telegram tweeted.

“To generate these garbage requests, bad guys use “botnets” made up of computers of unsuspecting users which were infected with malware at some point in the past. This makes a DDoS similar to the zombie apocalypse: one of the whopper lemmings just might be your grandpa.”

Telegram confirms that your data is safe, “There’s a bright side: All of these lemmings are there just to overload the servers with extra work – they can’t take away your BigMac and coke. Your data is safe.”

DDoS is a type of attack in which hackers use multiple compromised systems, which are often infested with a Trojan, are used to target a single system producing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Later Telegram confirmed everything is stabilized, “for the moment, things seem to have stabilized.”

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