Friday, June 21, 2024

Tenable Acquires Eureka Security To Provide Data Security Across Infrastructure

Tenable® Holdings, Inc., a leading Exposure Management company, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Eureka Security, Inc., a prominent provider of data security posture management (DSPM) for cloud environments.

This strategic acquisition aims to bolster Tenable’s cloud security capabilities, providing comprehensive data security across cloud infrastructures.

Tenable’s acquisition of Eureka Security is set to close this month, marking a significant step in enhancing its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP).

Eureka Security’s DSPM technology offers security teams a holistic view of an organization’s cloud data security footprint, addressing policy drift and misconfigurations that pose risks to data.

By integrating these capabilities, Tenable aims to help customers identify critical evidence of cloud data risks, including the location of sensitive data, access permissions, and the severity of potential data compromises.

In the 2024 Tenable Cloud Security Outlook study, 95% of organizations reported experiencing cloud-related breaches in the past 18 months, with 92% of those breaches involving the exposure of sensitive data.

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This acquisition underscores Tenable’s commitment to providing robust cloud security solutions that can mitigate such risks and improve overall security posture over time.

Enhancing Visibility and Control

Shai Morag, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Security at Tenable, emphasized the importance of this acquisition in advancing cloud security innovation.

“Eureka Security’s technology will enable Tenable to provide even better prioritization of cloud risks and identify toxic combinations beyond vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and over-privileged access to include data at risk as well,” Morag stated.

This integration will offer security teams the context and prioritization guidance to make efficient and accurate remediation decisions.

Liat Hayun, Co-founder and CEO of Eureka Security, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Tenable.

“Eureka Security’s data-centric approach provides the visibility, control, and automation needed to navigate the dynamic cloud landscape while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance,” Hayun said.

“Integrating our capabilities into Tenable’s CNAPP offering creates a compelling capability for customers.

Tenable also brings an expansive customer base and solid go-to-market capabilities.

We couldn’t have found a better match to help us expand our global mission to reduce cloud data risk.”

Comprehensive Cloud Security Solution

Integrating Eureka Security’s DSPM capabilities will complement Tenable’s existing cloud security solutions, including unified CNAPP, cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection, and cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM).

This comprehensive suite of tools will provide security teams with the necessary context and prioritization to address cloud security challenges effectively.

Tenable’s acquisition of Eureka Security is not expected to have a material impact on revenue this year.

However, the long-term benefits of enhanced cloud security capabilities are anticipated to strengthen Tenable’s market position and provide significant value to its customers.

About Tenable

Tenable® is a leading Exposure Management company trusted by approximately 44,000 organizations worldwide to understand and reduce cyber risk.

As the creator of Nessus®, Tenable has extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to deliver the world’s first platform capable of securing any digital asset on any computing platform.

Tenable’s customers include approximately 65% of the Fortune 500, 50% of the Global 2000, and numerous large government agencies.

This press release contains forward-looking statements about Tenable’s acquisition of Eureka Security, Inc.

These statements involve substantial risks, uncertainties, and assumptions that could cause results to differ materially from those expressed or implied.

Forward-looking statements are based on Tenable’s current plans, objectives, estimates, expectations, and intentions and inherently involve significant risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond Tenable’s control.

This acquisition represents a pivotal moment for Tenable as it continues to push the envelope in cloud security innovation, providing customers with best-in-class capabilities to effectively manage and mitigate cloud data risks.

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