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The Great Resignation’s High Employee Turnover Increasing Need for CybeReady Adaptive Training Platform

The Great Resignation’s high employeetransition rate has increased the vulnerability of organizations due to a larger percentage of new, untrained employees outside of established security-aware cultures.

With remote work environments expanding globally as the longstanding pandemic continues its stranglehold on countries around the world, a large number of employees are currently required or invited to work from home, exposing an enormous volume of endpoints to new threat actors unleashing a flood of phishing and other attacks. This, along with the increase in cyberattacks that began in March of 2020 has caused organizations to struggle with the security of their newly distributed IT environments.

CybeReady and its Adaptive Training Platform offers new capabilities to increase the scope of impact on remote work environments and ensure consistent security training for new employees.Helping organizations to counter this new world of remote workforces, CybeReady’senhancementsare designed to help train employees in on-premise and remote work environments. The fully automated platform ensures cybersecurity training is compelling for employees as itgeneratesa change in employee behavior to help build a strong security culture .

Helping organizations to counter this new world of remote workforces, CybeReady’s latest platform enhancementsare designed to help train employees in on-premise and remote work environments. While the new and fully automated platform ensures cybersecurity training is compelling for employees, it also adapts the training per changing risk levels. This training regimen generatesa change in employee behavior and builds a strong security culture – preparing employees for any scenario.

“Cybercriminals have become experts at social engineering, using increasingly sophisticated techniques to trick employees into clicking on malicious links. It’s up to security leaders to provide employees with the information and know-how to better defend against these attacks,” reported Gartner® in recent research. “Remote work has only increased the risks as employees use more home networks and personal devices and make their own snap decisions about potential threats.”

CybeReady’sfully-managed security training platform includes phishing simulations, security awareness, and compliance training capabilities, with built-in expertise already embedded into the training. The platform continuously trains enterprise employees so that they are more readily able to avoid cyberattacks — in 38 languages across 66 countries worldwide. The CybeReady platform operates 365 days a year, creating a continuously secure culture through frequent (at least monthly) engagements with each employee. With security teams often overloaded today with a nearly insurmountable number of tasks, the CybeReady platform is fully-managed and provides everything needed to run right out of the box.

 In response to today’s changes in the threat landscape,CybeReady’s adaptive Phishing Simulations and Awareness platform feature new capabilities:

  • Risk-Based Training– Adapts training programs to different cohorts based on their performance, automatically. The adaptive program’s capability boosts the security posture of new employees — eliminating high-risk behaviors while augmenting new skills so they’re on par with the rest of the organization.
  • Continuous Awareness Bites – Short, ongoing bite-sized security awareness content modules using positive language, based on a non-intrusive opt-in model to improve employee engagement. Whether working from home or from a mobile device, the training can be completed in up to 90-seconds, to address the shift in working habits.
  • Guaranteed Language Support – 100% language support for all content. The platform will run automatically in any language and locale per each employee location. The contextualized solution encompasses the full body of on-premise and remote workers for globally distributed organizations.

“CybeReady was instrumental in the improvements I’ve led in Teva’s security posture, to ensure our company is well equipped to deal with changes in the threat landscape,” said Ilan Abadi, Global CISO at Teva Pharmaceutical. “With 42,000 employees in 60 locations globally, CybeReady’s adaptive approach allowed us to quickly identify and mitigate weaknesses created from the transition to remote work.”

“Just like we wouldn’t operate a firewall to run just once a year, we can’t operate a training program only once a year if we want to change security behavior,” said Omer Taran, Co-founder and CTO for CybeReady. “Our training platform was designed with modern employees and busy security teams in mind. It engages employees continuously and is focused on what matters to them. We welcome more organizations to benefit from our new capabilities and see real security impact without burdening their IT teams.”

CybeReady’s adaptive security awareness training platform evolves organizations from security awareness to cyber readiness by autonomously engaging more employees, more effectively, frequently, and easily. Infused with training expertise and powered by machine learning, the Adaptive Training Platform’seasy-to-digest simulations and security awareness content reduce high-risk groups by 82%.

For more information on CybeReady, please visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.


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