Fin7 Hacker Group

The US Department of Justice charges three members from the infamous FIN7 hacker group, also referred as Carbanak Group. The Carbank hacker group is active since 2013 have attempted attacks against various banks, financial institutions, the e-payment gateway with their well-designed malware dubbed Cobalt.

The three accused are Ukrainian nationals Dmytro Fedorov, 44, Fedir Hladyr, 33, and Andrii Kolpakov, 30. FIN7 members engaged in a highly sophisticated malware campaign targeting more than 100 U.S. companies, predominantly in the restaurant, gaming, and hospitality industries. reads DOJ Statement.

Also, the group targeted hacked into thousand’s of computers and stolen millions of payment card and sold them in dark web. FIN7 hacker group launched numerous waves of cyber attacks on businesses in the US and across the world.

With all of their attack, they use to send carefully crafted spear-phishing emails with malicious attachments to gain access to the victim’s systems, once the hacker group gained access they steal payment card details.

Within united states itself, the group breached computer networks on companies in 47 states, 15 million payment card details from over 6,500 PoS terminals at 3,600 separate business locations.

Fin7 Hacker Group

All the three arrested FIN7 members charged with 26 felony counts for wire fraud, computer hacking, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

Fedir Hladyr served as systems administrator who maintains their server and the communication channels. He was arrested in Germany.

Fedorov a highly skilled hacker who supervised the hacking activity of the victims’ computer systems. he was arrested in Poland. Kolpakov was also a supervisor, he was arrested in Spain.

The FIN7 hacking group hides their activities by running a security company “Combi Security” and they recruit hackers to join the criminal enterprise.

“The naming of these FIN7 leaders marks a major step towards dismantling this sophisticated criminal enterprise,” said Special Agent in Charge Tabb.

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