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Top 11 Best Android Emulators for Windows – 2020

Android emulator comes for free, but there is a number of options available on the web, not all of them are stable and reliable.

To understand and employ the right android emulator online, users must be aware of the features that are available in these emulators, features like root capabilities, third-party APK’s & controllers, and more.

Android phones are quite popular and have been there for more than a decade. The extent of Android devices, like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more have left users relay on them big time.

Hence users may need to operate the same platform using a desktop or laptop which can be achieved if users are employing the best android emulator for PC.

This could be used by the end-users for emulating their games or by the developers to build or test the apps in a cross-platform environment.

Apart from this, you can utilize some of the other iOS emulators for Windows and Mac, 3ds Emulator for Android.

What is Android Emulator?

The emulators simulate a real Android device on your computer, it lets you test the application, play games, it simply lets you use the Android device on your computer.

You can perform all the tasks that handled in the android device including triggering incoming calls, play games, access play store, play song and many more.

Is the Android Emulators Legal?

It is completely legal to use Android Emulators, all it does just making the impossible thing possible.

is Android Emulator safe?

Yes, the Android Emulators are completely safe, but it depends on the emulators that you are using.

Android Emulator Download

  1. How to Download Android Emulators?

    Before downloading and installing the Android Emulator for PC, ensure that you are running the latest version of the SDK.

  2. Download Process

    Then download your favorite android emulators like android emulator nox, android emulator blue stacks, andy android emulator or Android Studio.

  3. Installation process

    Once downloaded, all you need is to trigger the installation, by just double-clicking on it.

Before we proceed to the top 10 best android emulators for PC, please note that the performance of these emulators depends on your PC configurations as well.

Which is the Best Android Emulator 2020?

  • LDPlayer
  • BlueStacks
  • Noxplayer
  • Phoenix OS
  • Andy
  • Genymotion
  • MEmu
  • Ko Player
  • Android studio
  • ARchon
  • Bliss OS

1. LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for Windows PC, offering full Android experience with well-developed Android 5.1 and Android 7.1. The emulator explicitly targets at those who want to play Android games on PC.

“Not just for using Android on PC, but to level up your Android Gaming” is why LDPlayer becomes extremely popular among Android gamers. With fast loading speed and quick responding performance, LDPlayer is the perfect choice of Android emulator on your PC.


Android Emulator

Buestacks is quite popular and has been in the market for a while. This is easy to download, install, configure and kick start your android emulation procedures within a short time.

Bluestacks has the gamers as its primary target audience and also helps users to create gaming content and get monetary benefits out of it using the Bluestacks Affiliate option.

Bluestacks stability earns it the first place to the list of the best android emulator for PC.

Price: Free/monthly subscription

3. Android Emulator Nox

Android Emulator

Nox player is best known for its perfection around Windows 10, being trusted widely with stability NoxPlayer will be an optimum choice for an android emulator.

This emulator will allow you to define the RAM and CPU size for processing, providing options to replicate the devices individually.

Noxplayer comes with root privileges allowing users to perform all the actions without any restrictions.

Price : Free

4.Phoenix OS

Android Emulator
Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is an android emulator that did replace the earlier Remix OS player from Jide. Phoenix OS assists in modified android emulation for Windows 10 devices.

Installing the Phoenix OS in the virtual machines should be a better option as users do not want their Windows 10 systems to be replaced.

Phoenix OS based on the Android-x86 project and it is very easy when its comes to installation. it also support in dual boot configuration but its not recommended since it might cause crash or slow down the system.

Price: Free

5.Andy Android Emulator

Android Emulator

Andy will be one of the best android emulators available in the market. Comes with all the specific android emulator features, Andy is best known for developers and gamers.

Andy will allow you to use your smartphone as a remote control if you do not own a smartphone you can use Playstation or Xbox as well.

Additionally with storage encryption feature development of apps and testing them, customizing the CPU and RAM makes it a cakewalk. 

Andy is a very stable and popular Android emulator for Windows.

Price: Free

6. Genymotion

Android Emulator

Compared to other Android emulators, Genymotion is quite different. While other emulators target gaming, this one is completely for android development.

This emulator works with VirtualBox, and users have to install the same before proceeding with Genymotion.

It comes with tools, plugins, and support to make your overall installation smooth and easy.

If you are looking for android app development then Genymotion is the right choice for you.

Price: Free

7.MEmu Android Emulator


Memu is an android emulator that solely targets Windows 10 devices, with simple installation procedures along with a number of features like keyboard mapping.

Everything is just a click away, emulate games and apps at ease.

Installation can be done using the APK, and can be run at multiple instances for testing procedures. Similar to other emulators this one comes with RAM and CPU customization options.

The best part of MEmu is it supports 4K gaming experience, offering the best to the gamers.

Price: Free

8.Ko Player


Ko player comes for free, and bring in android gaming experience to your PC. As this offered for free, there are few ads then and there which may interrupt the overall experience.

Supports features like gamepad emulation and keyboard mapping, with straightforward installation procedures.

With few bugs, users can try this emulator only if they have tried others and are not happy about them.

Simple UI and easy to set up are the perks of Ko Player.

Price: Free

9. Android Studio Emulator

8. Android Studio Emulator
Android Studio

The Android Studio is a development based emulator that is integrated with Google and targets the Android developer primarily.

It comes with a number of tools and plugins that will allow developers to work on this platform, build their apps and test it under different scenarios before their release.

Compared to Bluestacks and Genymotion, Android studio does not come with a vast number of features.

This emulator is not recommended for gaming purposes, though it is quite tough to set up and make it work, regardless of it this emulator will be a good choice for developers.

Price: Free

10 .ARchon


ARChon is definitely not the preferable emulator in the market, and definitely not so famous as well. This Android emulator helps to fix android apps and Chrome OS. 

Google purchased three android apps and following that a GitHub developer went ahead and built the ARChon that will help the android apps to run flawlessly.

This emulator again is not for the gaming audience, but good for development and testing.

Perks include integration into Chrome and development.

Price: Free

11. Bliss OS

Android Emulator
Bliss OS

Bliss OS is unique compared to another android emulator. Others emulate Android on Windows, but Bliss OS is an Android OS and needs to be installed separately for full functioning.

Installation happens through a virtual box or USB if you’re looking for the exact replication of android then Bliss OS will be the right one for you. Perks include ad-free and open-source.

Price: Free


The above-mentioned list of android emulator would help you bring your Android experience in Windows devices in the best and simplest way possible. 

Make sure you are aware of the demands, as each emulator comes with its one pros and cons. The best of all could be BlueStacks, Andy and NoxPlayer.

Other than these emulators there is certain Android online emulator, that allows users to the app using a web browser.

Please try all these emulators and let us know in the comments section which worked the best for you.


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