TOP 3 Sites for Crypto Research in 2022

Cryptocurrency is an unstable digital currency that never stays still. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the constant updates and changes in the crypto market. However, many people monitor cryptocurrency and share crypto trading secrets with strangers. There is an easy way to get this precious information, namely by following cryptocurrency platforms created by experienced crypto professionals who are ready to share their knowledge. We are happy to introduce you to the top crypto platforms that will help you with the crypto currency funds research, and will always keep you informed about recent crypto events.


Chainbroker is one of the perfect crypto platforms for crypto research. Firstly you can find all the trendy crypto projects on the platform. All you need to do is go to the project page and explore it. You will be able to filter the top new crypto projects by the data, the number of investors, the last founding date, etc. There are various crypto projects in different funding stages on the website. Besides, you also can find the list of upcoming projects. Secondly, you can scroll through the list of active crypto funds. Users can select the type of funds like crypto ventures, marketing support, security support, and others. The filter also lets users select the last funding date. This way you’ll be able to find crypto currency funds in a few minutes. The Chainbroker crypto platform also shares recent crypto infographics and events which can be useful for your cryptocurrency research.


CoinQuora is a website with a team of crypto professionals whose goal is to educate people and share knowledge about cryptocurrency. You will find the forecasts, current information about prices, and crypto events. The website is also a good place to find tips and advice on crypto trading.

CoinQuora media organization has a YouTube channel where you can find lots of videos about cryptocurrency. CoinQuora channel shares videos with experts and interesting people. There are more than 60 educational videos to watch on their channel. That is why CoinQoura is a great platform for crypto research.


Cointelegraph has worked as a leading media resource posting trending news about blockchain technology, and crypto assets since 2013. The team at the Cointelegraph supplies subscribers with up-to-date crypto news, analytics, price charts, and crypto reports. The platform focuses not only on news sharing but also on educational content. A team of specialists tries to deliver the information as clearly as possible so that people who are new to crypto and the new technologies world could also understand the idea.

You will be able to read the news about the cryptocurrencies you are interested in: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. Besides, there are also lots of research and updates about NFTs, Defi, and crypto market. Users can also go to the “research” page to find the research about blockchain.

Cointelegraph can also boast an active YouTube channel with more than 150,000 subscribers with hundreds of videos.

Final Words

Having useful platforms focused on cryptocurrencies is great, especially for traders, who need to always be informed about changes in the crypto world. Luckily, you can use one of the crypto websites we mentioned above. Chainbroker is a great website for looking for the top new crypto projects and funds. ChainQuora and Cointelegraph are the best platforms to keep track of the updates, news, and events of the decentralized system. The websites are quality informational resources you can trust. Follow one of the crypto platforms and keep updated about cryptocurrency news and events.


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