Top 5 Best Services Which Help to Navigate Everyday Life

Description: Have you ever noticed that the most profitable businesses and the most popular ideas Robert A. Heinlein has once said, ‘Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.’

Look at the things around you…a washing machine, a food processor and a vacuum cleaner etc. All of the items are indispensable parts of human lives. We take them for granted and do not even think that they were not there for the older generation.

This is why when the young ones are asked about the most helpful tools for people’s existence, they will definitely answer that it is the Internet.

Nowadays, no one can imagine his or her life without having access to it. There is a great variety of data for research, games, movies as well as music for entertainment and different services to ease one’s life. Therefore, we have decided to create a list of top 5 best services, which help to navigate everyday existence.


This is one of the best services, which offers free courses almost in every field of studies. Whether you are a student, an expert who wants to broaden his or her field of expertise or a stay-at-home mom, who desires to learn a new profession to be ready to apply for it in a few months/years, you will find the set of lectures as well as all the other necessary information there. People from all over the world can have access to EdX.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University established this non-profit organization in 2012. Different schools, universities and other educational establishments offer their courses on this website. Of course, millions of people around the globe use it in order to get new knowledge and acquire new skills with the help of numbers of videos, textbooks, chat discussions and forums available online.


It is the service almost everyone has heard of. It is considered to be a social media network. However, it is more like a data service that had tons of different lifehacks, ideas and useful information on every subject possible. Are you a student who wants to check on resume prime reviews? Or are you a teacher who wants to find a few extraordinary tasks to entertain children while learning Present Simple? Whatever your query is, it can be found on Pinterest.

‘What makes it different from the Internet in general?’ you might ask. The answer is quite simple. You register there and become a user who has his or her own board. You can pin (this is where the name comes from) there each post you like as well as the idea you want to use. You can also create your own pins. One of the main requirements of each post is that it must contain photos and/or videos.


Evernote is a perfect tool, which can help you to remember everything. It is an app available on iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. It is free, but there are additional features that, if one wishes, can be paid for.

With the help of this service, a person may take notes, organize them and prioritize the way of their completion as well as list the tasks. It is extremely useful for those who can’t remember everything and need a tool to plan the day and write down the data about essential tasks, meetings etc.

Moreover, the notes might be formatted text, contain webpages or excerpts, photos and even audio recordings. The users can also add file attachments. The information can be tagged, edited and exported. is an online service of budget planning and tracking. With the help of this online finance management platform, a person can track his or her credit cards, investment rates, bills payments and different transactions made from bank accounts. Of course, simple functions like writing down the budget and financial goals are also available. You can also find various budgeting tips there uploaded to the blog of the company.

You can download it or use the platform online. Unfortunately, the service is available only for US and Canadian users.


The last but not least Best Services is Toggl. It is a time-tracking service. It can be downloaded to iOS, Android, Linux, Microsoft Office and is available on numerous browsers. It is free, but if you need some upgrades and extensions, there are different packs to order (Free, Starter, Premium).

Toggl helps one track his or her daily activities on a platform a person works at. In addition, with the functions of this service, one can optimize the workflow, realizing what tasks require most of the time and how it can be decreased.

Toggl can be utilized either by one worker or the entire company. It is said that with the use of this tool, enterprises save at least $25000 a year. Incredible, isn’t it?

All in all, there are dozens of online services as well as available free apps that can ease modern people’s existence. One should definitely use them to save his or her own time or even money, reduce stress because of some challenging issues and get new knowledge and skills. So choose those you need and like, sign up and start enjoying your simplified everyday life.


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