Top 5 Safe Browsing Apps

How many times have you been online browsing various sites only to stop and wonder how safe your browsing actually is? With the amount of hackers out there today who are constantly trying to steal people’s personal information and data, browsing safety really needs to be a priority. And it’s not just browsing safely when at work, but also at home. You never know when someone could be stealing information, so you don’t want to leave that door open.

So, what’s the solution? Obviously you still need to be able to go online, so there needs to be a safe way to do it. The good news is that there are apps you can download that will ensure that your safety and privacy are always maintained while browsing online. Here we’ll take a look at the top five that are able to do just that.

WOT Mobile Security Check & Website Protection

The way this app works is that it scans files and apps in real-time, making sure that the site you are visiting is safe. It will protect you from any website or app that is deemed harmful as well as Wi-Fi networks that may not be secure. It uses machine learning algorithms and WOT community reviews in order to assess the safety of various sites.

With this safe browsing app you’ll get warning notifications sent right to your device and you can start to build your own Black List of any apps or sites that you want to block.Other features include phishing protection, safe browsing on the Google search page, real-time malware protection, site security checks, and more. It’s extremely easy and effective to use, and makes sure your safety if priority number one.

Dolphin Zero

This one is free to download and allows you to surf the web while remaining incognito. What this means is that no-one will see you, so there is no threat to your safety. The app has a Do Not Track mode, which means it won’t store much information. This means you’re not leaving a massive trail for hackers to cling to. It also has an ad blocker built in, another feature that people find very handy. If you’re the type that doesn’t want to have a browser history left behind, this is the app for you.

Dolphin Zero doesn’t have much in terms of extra bells and whistles; it’s all about the basics here. This also makes it easy to use.

Brave Browser

Much like Dolphin Zero, Brave Browser also gives you a way to browse in a private manner, but where this one excels is that it’s multi-functional. Brave Browser makes it possible for you to do a private search.There is also a tracker blocker, an ad blocker, script blocking, incognito mode, and even third-party cookie blocking. If you want to erase your tracks and browse in a private way, this is the app that will help you do it.

Brave Browser has actually been rebuilt a number of times over the past few years, with each version getting better and better. Even with all the rebuilds, this is still a free app to download, giving you the chance to take advantage of the latest technology and features.


If you happen to have kids or teens in the house, safe browsing takes on a whole new meaning. You want to have peace of mind knowing that while they are browsing online, they aren’t on any dangerous websites, or making it possible for hackers and other cyber criminals to track their activities.

FamiSafe gives parents the ability to check the full browsing history on your kids’ mobile devices.You can even set up keyword alerts that will warn you if your child is on a site or searching up a site that you feel is unsafe or has explicit content.

Another cool feature with this app is that you can preset the time your child is able to browse online. This is ideal for younger kids who you don’t want having too much screen time.

Safe Search Kids

Also great for families is Safe Search Kids, which is meant to give you kid-friendly browsing software. It is actually powered by Google’s safe search, and not only helps them find what they are searching but also provides neat tips along the way. Parents will be able to relax knowing everything that shows up in their search is safe content which they can click on to browse.

Browsing Can be a Safe Experience

So, if you’re sick of ending up on questionable sites where your safety and privacy are both at risk, it’s time to start looking into apps you can download that will protect you. Whether you’re just looking to boost your own security, or you have kids that you also want to ensure have a safe browsing experience, each of these apps can help.

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