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Software Download Websites – Anybody who owns a computer will definitely need some software to suit up their systems for basic routines or any specific demands. This software is developed by programmers around the world and identifying the best of this software would require some reading and evaluation. But this can be an easy task if all these software are kept in a common website for easy identification, categorization, downloads, and installation.

There are many sites available on the web which will offer you this, but not all of them verify the software for viruses and trojans, so we have hand-picked the list of top sites that help users download software for free.


software download websites is an ancient software listing site which is there on the web for a long time. It is owned by CNET, the big names around technology publications. lists software from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Along with the listing they also cover the latest news in the market and keep the users posted on the same.

Software is rated and reviewed by authors and basically works based on vendor or developer request, and validated before publishing the same. Their listings include freeware and shareware, paid software isn’t usually listed here except in limited cases.  Users who are registered with the site, can also go ahead and share their reviews for the software.




software download websites

Similar to this site offers freeware and shareware. Including the best PC software in the market by categorizing them, FileHippo is the best repository for PC software for users who are setting up their PC in the first place.

 One additional perk of FileHippo is that it offers an extra-light program called FileHippo Update Checker that will scan through the PC for existing software and alert the users for software updates that is available over the web. Keeping your software is a critical task and FileHippo does help users with the same.



software download websites

Softpedia is another similar website that helps with downloads and provides information about software details. Along with that, Softpedia also includes the latest technology and security news happening in the market.

Users can identify software based on downloads, ratings, categories and more. This site again lists freeware and shareware, along with few paid software free editions. Includes Windows, Drivers, Linux, Mac, and Games as well.



ZDNet has one of the huge databases of software, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, whitepapers, and more covering a wide range of 36 categories, starting from browsers to video software everything is listed and categorized under this site. 

Initially, they were listing only the freeware and shareware but now they have started to mention a few products that need a purchase as well.

If you’re looking for a database that is genuine and clean, ZDNet is the one for you.


5.Freewarefiles is another PC software download websites which includes freeware and shareware along with numerous open-source software, just like other websites this one also categorized the software making the choice navigation pretty simple for users. Along with the listing, few authors do review the product offering and help the users identify the pros and cons of the software. The categories are quite fast offering complete software available for users.



MajorGeeks target audience will be advanced users, maintained by Jim and Tim. MajorGeeks is more like a community where you can address the issues with a more personal touch. Software available for downloads are tested individually by the administrators before being posted, this gives users an advantage by confirming virus and spyware free software. Best perks of MajorGeeks is the community that is ready to help fellow users troubleshoot and resolve issues easily.

Major Geeks:


Soft32 is again a free software download website that offering software since 2003, covering Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile applications. It has a huge database of software and keeps updating the same regularly. Similar to other software download websites this one also does offer freeware and shareware.


8. Softonic

Softonic is another popular site that does host major PC software for free. It was established in 1997 and contains freeware, shareware and trial versions of paid software.

The continuous update procedures keep this site a top priority for downloads for all platforms. With a comparison tool to evaluate software, Softonic makes this easy for the users. Initially requires a Softonic lightweight application to be installed on the users PC, and then subsequently the actual software.


All these software listing sites are quite popular and have helped end-users equip the right software for both their daily routines and specific demands. Trial versions of paid software are also available in here, but that listing is not completely packed and updated. Users can go check all these eight sites, and see which one works well for their platforms.

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