4 Most Interesting  Facts About Anonymous Tor Browser & Tor Network

TOR is an important, popular, and controversial tool. It is important because Tor network offers the most effective way to surf the web anonymously, and it’s pretty popular – over 2 million people use it daily.

At the same time, it’s gained some notoriety — although not all of it is justified.

While it’s true bad guys frequently use TOR to do illegal things, there is much more to it than selling drugs and firearms.

Recently Tor project releases Tor Browser for Android with the highest privacy protections that include block trackers, Resist Fingerprinting and Multi-Layered Encryption.


It is utilized by governments, writers, bloggers, whistleblowers, additionally by drug dealers who are offering unlawful medications at the alleged darknet markets.

Tor Network

when a client begins utilizing Tor, it goes through the primary hub in the circuit from a pool of 2500 out of 7000 PCs called as Tor nodes, which named as “Entry Guard” which has high uptime and accessibility.

We have recently reported that Russian Intelligence Found Trying to Crack Tor Browser by Taking part in the Network.

Here are four important facts you should know about TOR.

The Tor Browser and the TOR Network are Two Different things.

TOR is comprised of two things:

  • TOR network – is made up of thousands of voluntary computers,  and it allows us to surf anonymously.
  • TOR browser – is the application that lets us use the TOR network.

TOR gives You Access to the Dark Web.

Actually, it gives you access to one of the many darknets. With TOR, you can access sites that have “.onion” at the end of their names. These sites don’t appear in Google searches.

Many “.onion” sites indulge in criminal activities. In fact, there’s a good chance that 45% of them have hosted some kind of illegal activity.

That said, “.onion” sites are also used for many good purposes.

For instance, whistleblowers use such sites to share sensitive information with others and to report bad labor practices.

Likewise, journalists use them for protecting confidential communications with sources.

TOR Slows Down Your Internet — But Not as Much as Many Think.

Because TOR involves multi-layer encryption and routing traffic through several nodes, it is not as fast as your normal internet connection.

However, today it is much faster than ever before, thanks to the good work put in by the TOR team.

TOR is Completely Free.

That’s right. You don’t have to pay anything to access TOR.

Want to know more interesting facts about TOR? Check out the infographic below!

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