Many of the torrent sites strictly banned the popular torrent uploader CrackNow that caught for upload malicious files including GandCrab Ransomware.

A lot more malicious torrents files are uploading in the torrent site which is very common nowadays but this kind of malicious activities from trusted torrent uploader is a rare case scenario.

Torrents sites are accessed by million of users who are mostly looking entertainment torrents that can be easily taking advantage by cyber criminals.

Basically, torrent sites are capable of automatically catch the malicious file and remove it from the sites but the malicious files from the trusted site and attackers using various obfuscation technique make it hard to trigger the malicious files.

CrackNow Torrent Uploader

CrackNow is famous for uploading the thousands of cracked software titles in recent past and crackNow is leading search term in the search engine.

Very recent report in forums complaints that the popular releases indicates torrents uploaded by CrackNow contained a malware or even ransomware that perform serious harmful activities in torrent users system.

Above images indicate the reports from the users who have been tried to download which reportedly included a copy of the GandCrab ransomware that uploaded via CrackNow.

In this case, TorrentFreak States that, “several other torrent sites, including TorrentGalaxy,  have banned the CracksNow account as well. A Pirate Bay admin also confirmed that the uploader was purged from their site months ago, but no reason was specified. “

Torrent sites moderators carefully review a lot of reported torrents and they found malicious files in daily basis.

1337x admin notes said,  “I must admit that it is rare for a trusted uploader of this caliber to go rogue. It’s normally new guys that have the infected files,”

“CracksNow had been warned already for other reasons To the best of our knowledge, the remaining torrents are ransomware free but his account is due for removal.”

Several torrent sites are now banned CracksNow since then it started its own platform where they keep upload torrents regularly.

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