Toyota Yaris Ativ Designed to Rule Eco-Car B-Segment In Thailand

For the Toyota Yaris Ativ to rule the B-segment sedans in Thailand, Toyota gave a major upgrade on for areas; comfort and ride, exterior and interior design, safety and fuel efficiency. Even though Yaris Ativ was among the last eco-car entrants into Thailand, it’s now among the best-selling sedan in this category.

As the competition for the most fuel-efficient green car intensifies, eco-car models like Toyota Vios, Honda City and the most current Nissan Leaf are likely to hinder Ativ from dominating the market. And now that it has a lesser drivetrain compared to its rivals, maybe the new limited edition will help maintain it at the top.

To be in pace with other models, Toyota has launched new models of the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Yaris Ativ with the emblem “PLAY” embedded at the rear end. Distinguishing the new models from the old ones are fully-functional connectivity system, premium exterior and interior design, improved performance and additional safety technologies. Regrettably, the limited edition sedans are limited to 1,500 units.

What is Toyota Yaris Ativ Is Eco- Car Compliant

For any light-duty vehicle to be classified as an eco-car in Thailand, it has to meet all the Eco Car Phase II set standards. The set standards are classified into seven categories. They include emission standards, carbon dioxide emission rate, fuel consumption rate, the capacity of Benzene engine, the capacity of diesel engine, impact standard and braking standards.

 Engineering SpecificationsEco Car Phase II Rules
1Emission StandardEURO 5
2Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Not Over 100 g/km
3Fuel ConsumptionNot over 4.3L/100 km
4Braking StandardUN ECE R13H
5Impact StandardUN ECE R94, UN ECE R95
6Capacity of Benzene EngineNot Over 1300 cc
7Capacity of Diesel EngineNot Over 1500 cc

To ensure the Yaris Ativ fuel consumption rate is in line with the Phase II guidelines, under the hood is an economical 1.2L petrol engine. This 3NR-FKE four-cylinder engine fuel consumption rate is far below the set 4.3 L/100 km standard as its rated 1 l/23.3 km.

The 2020 Ativ came with an automatic Stop/Go feature which reduced carbon the rate of carbon emission. Toyota is proud that the Ativ emits less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide and is compliant with Euro 5 emission standards. 

Since this sedan carries an electrically/ petrol operated dual variable-valve timing engine, the engine’s cc rating falls below the set dispersion standard of 1500 cc by only four digits.

Braking and Impact Standards set in the Ativ can be ruled as an above-average based on the safety technological advancements employed in this 2020 Toyota Yaris Ativ. To reduce the impact on the passengers and the driver, Ativ is fitted with passenger airbags, front and side airbags.

Other safety features included to ensure Ativ is compliant with the impact and braking standards are Brake Assist System, Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake-force distribution system, Anti-skid system of the car and Crash sensor.

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