Researchers discovered a massive hacked database online that exposed tens of millions of SMS text messages, and private data belongs to a U.S company TrueDialog.

TrueDialog is an American communication company that offering SMS texting solutions to companies such as businesses, universities, and colleges in the USA.

Companies claim that they provide Enterprise-grade SMS Texting service, but this massive data leak indicates and leads to huge risks for their customers who have sent and received an SMS for a year of the period.

By holding an unsecured database, TrueDialog leaked millions of people’s sensitive data across the USA, and the researchers confirmed that the unprotected database belongs to TrueDialog by finding the evidence of their Host ID “”.

Discovered database, Also contains millions of account usernames and passwords, PII data of TrueDialog users and their customers, and much more.

Since the uncovered database huge volume of data, there is no doubt that the company compromising the privacy and security of 100 million US citizens across the country.

The Database with 604 GB of data and 1 billion entries that had sensitive data was initially discovered on 26/11/19, and it is hosted by Microsoft Azure and runs on the Oracle Marketing Cloud in the USA.

What Types of Data Stored in the Unprotected Database

Researchers claim that the database contains different entries related to many aspects of TrueDialog’s business model and its a rare one that the single database with this much huge volume of sensitive data.

The database contains millions of email addresses, usernames, cleartext passwords, and base64 encoded passwords which can be easily decrypted.

According to VPNMentor research “Tens of millions of entries from messages sent via TrueDialog and conversations hosted on the platform and the Messages including,

  • Full Names of recipients, TrueDialog account holders, & TrueDialog users
  • Content of messages
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers of recipients and users
  • Dates and times messages were sent
  • Status indicators on messages sent, like Reading receipts, replies, etc.
  • TrueDialog account details
Username & Password
SMS conversation

The researcher also found some of the technical logs that revealed important details as to how the database is structured and managed.

This massive leak could lead to potential risks for the customers, and if it reached the wrong hand, cybercriminals could perform various attacks such as Phishing and scams, Identity theft, and Fraud, Account Takeover and Blackmail the customers.

TrueDialog has been finally closed the database and the database now secured. you can also check the important network security principles to protect businesses from cyber attacks.

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