Two School students at a New Jersey high school Jamming their School WiFi Network on multiple times to avoid exams.

Both students were charged with the to commit computer criminal activity after school, both of the student’s name was not released.

In this case, they used an app or a computer program to take down the entire school WiFi network to on multiple occasions to get out of taking exams, Secaucus police said.

Most of the U.S school’s curriculum is internet-based, the lack of Wi-Fi connection disrupted the students’ daily assignments. 

Officials believe that both students got a request from other students to bring down the WiFi Network.

According to report from NJ, “Students interviewed Monday afternoon believe the boys used a Wi-Fi interrupter program, or an app, to send so much traffic to the routers that the system would crash, which ultimately caused connection failures when students tried to log on, do class work or take exams on their computers.”

“One day we were supposed to be doing work on our Chromebooks, but we had no activity whatsoever to do in class because the Wi-Fi shutdown,” said a student in the 10th grade at the 634-student high school on Millridge Road. “It interrupted the whole class, unfortunately.”

“Our Wi-Fi connection was compromised over the past week,” Schools Superintendent Jennifer Montesano said Monday. “The system has been restored and is now fully operational.”

Other students said that, If you don’t want to be in a test, you’re going to have to deal with it because he wasn’t the only one who wasn’t going to take that test. It was a whole class, NJ report.

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