Two young hackers jailed for their roles in a hack attack on TalkTalk which hit 157,000 accounts and costs £77million.

Matthew Hanley, 23, who hacked the site in 2015 and stolen personal and financial information of more than 156,000 customers and he handed the details to 21-year-old friend Connor Allsopp and he sold the data for another online user for fraud.

The Judge Anuja Dhir QC jailed Hanley for 12 months and his friend Allsopp for eight months. Judge Dhir said it was a tragedy to find ‘two individuals of such extraordinary talent’ reported Dailymail.

The hack attack allows other to gain access to the confidential information of TalkTalk’s clients and the total estimated loss is about £77 million.

The stolen personal information including the company customers’ full names, postal addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses and in most cases attackers accessed financial information also.

Hanley admitted hacking into TalkTalk and shared the financial and personal information of more than 8,000 customers to Allsopp and another online user.

Allsopp admitted he involved in the selling of TalkTalk customers’data to online users and other files for hacking.

Daniel Kelley, 19 was arrested for trying to blackmail TalkTalk CEO and demanded 465 bitcoins. Following the hack TalkTalk CEO subjected to a number of blackmail attempts.

TalkTalk is one of the telecommunication company in the UK, between 15 and 21 of October 2015 hackers exploited an SQL injection vulnerability and extracted data using the automated SQLmap tool.

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