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Unlocking the Power of Infor API: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

Infor API is a great platform for developers to use, because it allows for interfacing and exchanging data between Infor applications and other systems. The Infor API is very versatile and can be used for many different operations including data access and processing as well as for more complicated business rules. This capability makes it possible for organizations to be able to align their software needs for their businesses hence improving on their efficiency and productivity.

Understanding Infor API 

Infor API has a strong security system that is one of its significant strengths when it comes to integrating with third parties. There are options for authentication and authorization, which can be implemented directly in the application, allowing the developer to restrict the access to the data only to the authorized users and applications. This is important in ensuring that the data is credible and secure to prevent acts of terrorism and other vices.

Also, Infor API is based on REST and SOAP that are common in many businesses, meaning that it can work with a wide range of systems and technologies. This interoperability is especially important for companies that are located in different IT environments because it eliminates the need for many adaptations and allows integrating them quickly and easily.

Infor API also comes with documentation and support that is very vital especially for developers in creating the APIs. The API documentation is exhaustive and covers all the endpoints, data structures, and usage examples, which makes it easier for any developer who will be using the API to understand how to go about with it. Also, Infor has a very active base of developers and support teams who are willing to help in case of the encountered problems or questions.

Getting Started with Infor API 

Thus, in order to start using Infor API one must follow a set of steps that will help to integrate and implement it effectively. The first action is to read the API documentation that should be available on the Infor developer portal. This documentation is the foundation on which your development process is based as it provides information on the different endpoints, request, and response formats.

Secondly, get the API authentication details that are required to access the API. These credentials are as important for the authentication and authorization to the API resources. In many cases, this is done by opening your application in the Infor platform and creating or obtaining the API key or token.

After obtaining your credentials start with the setup of a development environment. This environment should comprise tools for making HTTP requests for example Postman and a coding platform where you can write and test the integration scripts. To begin with, one should begin with simple API calls to understand the request and response of the API and slowly build up towards using complex API calls to the Infor API.

Key Features of Infor API 

There are many features that Infor API provides to the developers and these make it to be a very useful tool.Here are some of its key features:

  • RESTful and SOAP Protocols: This guarantees compatibility with other systems and technologies in the organization.
  • Robust Security: It incorporates the features of authentication and authorization to ensure the data is secure.
  • Extensive Documentation: It offers the detailed procedures, usage and descriptions of the endpoints.
  • Scalability: It is capable of handling large volumes of transactions thus appropriate for big companies.
  • Data Integration: Enables efficient integration of Infor applications with other systems.
  • Real-Time Data Access: It allows the actual and timely extraction of data, which is critical in providing current information.
  • Support Community: An active community of developers and specialized support teams to help with the integration issues.
  • Flexibility: Enables the fine tuning and subsequent automation of business processes to organizational requirements.

Setting Up Your First Infor API Project 

Several activities are performed when you are planning your first API project on Infor. Start by opening the Infor developer portal to ensure that you go through the API documentation carefully. This resource contains all the necessary information regarding the endpoints, the formats in which the data is provided, and the sample requests. Next, make sure you have the right API credentials; this usually involves creating an application on the Infor platform to get API keys or tokens.

Having your credentials ready, prepare a development environment that includes tools such as Postman for testing HTTP requests. First, practice making GET requests to pull data from Infor applications and pay attention to the structure of the response, and the error messages. Then, move to more complex operations, for instance, the POST request for data updates or integrating with other systems. While going through this process, it is advisable to take advantage of the comprehensive documentation and support materials to solve problems and optimize the process of project implementation.


Infor API gives the developers the leverage to easily build interfaces and control business processes. Knowing all the functions, how to create projects systematically, and following the guidelines, you will be able to unleash the full potential of Infor API. If you need to extend data transfer and integration, increase the compatibility of systems or create new applications, Infor API is the tool that can do this. It’s crucial to remain active in the documentation and the community to refresh your skills and maintain your implementations strong for efficient and secure projects.


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