An unprotected database that contains more than 114 million U.S Citizens records exposed online and the estimation of affected peoples are 82 million and more.

Misconfigured identical Elasticsearch clusters were identified on Nov 14 that associated with 3 IPs are widely accessible for anyone on the internet.

First IP was indexed by shodan and the elasticsearch exposed the 56,934,021 US citizens personal and sensitive information.

It was completely available for the public including the information of the first name, last name, employers, job title, email, address, state, zip, phone number, and IP address.

Second IP that indexed with Shodan that exposed more than 25 million records with more of a “Yellow Pages” details directory.

It exposed name, company details, zip address, carrier route, latitude/longitude, census tract, phone number, web address, email, employees count, revenue numbers, NAICS codes, SIC codes, and etc.

Publicly available data size contain almost 73 GB of files and it was reported on Nov 27, 2018 to the respective companies.

According to hackenproof report, While the source of the leak was not immediately identifiable, the structure of the field ‘source’ in data fields is similar to those used by a data management company Data & Leads Inc. However, we weren’t able to get in touch with their representatives.

Also, Hackenproof shared a Facesheet that indicate the total number of uncovered records are 114,686,118 and the people affected to 82,851,841.

Currently, this database is unavailable for public and it was unclear that anyone could have been accessed the database.


  • try to constantly update your passwords to online accounts (such as email)
  • try not to use the same password for multiple accounts
  • we also recommend to create and use a separate email alias for any marketing
  • sales or promotion deals and to limit public sharing of your personal details

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