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Useful Tips that Help to Develop Better Study Skills

Check Instagram or TikTok, watch Netflix, check email, answer some Whatsapp messages while studying; this description perfectly applies to almost every student’s behavior. We wouldn’t claim that it doesn’t improve performance, instead of it, we want to draw your attention to practical techniques that will help you enhance the time-management and get free time for social life and hobbies.

There is no universal magic motivation strategy to encourage students to take a studying process seriously. Everyone has its strong points and weaknesses. Some browse cutting-edge applications that block access to entertainment content in certain hours; others tend to create a self-rewarding system or set time-limits.

To succeed in college or university, you need to understand and examine what conditions make you more productive and help you assimilate new information. You may believe it or not, but procrastination can turn an advantage when structured. The concept of procrastination consists of postponing difficult and time-consuming tasks replacing them with others more comfortable to handle. This phycological approach allows you to cheat your brain. You need to think about things that are extremely hard to accomplish and need brainstorming or physical efforts. When comparing, you will tend to choose to study instead of other activities, believe us.

A comfortable and cozy study spot motivates and encourages students to dedicate time to the creative and studying process. When accompanied by classical music in the background, the combo promises excellent results. We recommend having a clean and well-organized workspace because it helps to keep clean your brain.

There is no universal approach for everyone. But to understand your strong personal points, you need to answer a few questions:

1.   What time of day do you feel more comfortable and productive?

2.   Do you need to study alone or partnered (group)?

3.   Does a background noise distracts or helps you to concentrate?

4.   What is the most convenient learning style for you?

5.  What are the ways you manage stress? And we would like to draw your attention to the next question:

6.   What learning style suits you better, and what skills you need to develop to achieve the best result?

It’s also essential to establish short and long term planning and set deadlines (daily, weekly, and for the semester). Respect the schedule, and remember, if your schedule doesn’t work for you, just make some arrangements. Use writing services if you feel overwhelmed, and there are too many assignments due the same time. You can find a good do my essay for me service online. Mastering note-taking techniques also will be of good use. Try to differentiate bullet points, keywords, topics, and subtopics, supporting details. It will help you navigate your notes and find the necessary information.

Below, we decided to share some essential tips to guide you toward achieving new learning goals. They are easy to read and to follow, you just will need perseverance and diligence. The information is represented depending on every student’s strong sides: visual, verbal, auditive, and kinaesthetic. So everyone can identify him/herself with the mentioned description.

How to develop better study skills while using VISUAL learning abilities:

  • Try to represent concepts visually, when possible in charts, sketches, or diagrams.
  • The visual format is handy for taking notes. Establish color-code triggers, use different-colored pens or highlighters to underline relevant data, revise some facts or editing.
  • Intend to plan a writing assignment; it’s necessary to use organizer (maps, flowcharts, etc.)

How to develop better study skills while using VERBAL learning abilities:

  • Edit summaries, glossaries, write down chapter review questions.
  • It’s worth mentioning the importance of informal writing techniques such as brainstorming, blogging, posting, class discussion, or free writing. These methods help to generate ideas and widen horizons.
  • Re-phrase ideas and thoughts of other people, try to explain it to yourself with your own words. Re-write and summarise essential ideas. 

How to develop better study skills while using AUDITIVE learning abilities:

  • Always try to read your textbook aloud when you don’t disturb other people; it helps concentrate and memorize more information.
  • Discuss your ideas and interchange thoughts with your classmates. Sharing opinions provokes valuable comments and generates a desire to fulfill informational gaps.
  • When you hear somebody talk about unknown concepts for you, try to take brief notes. So you can google it when you get free time.
  • If possible, record your lectures. Remember previously to ask the permission of your professor/lecturer. When you listen to the information in a different environment, you can catch more details.

How to develop better study skills while using KINESTHETIC learning abilities:

  • It’s recommended to use stick notes. It doesn’t matter where you put them; when your eye will catch the necessary words, it will memorize them associating with the place. In a stressful situation, the necessary information will come to your mind.
  • Take breaks for doing some physical exercise while listening to podcasts or recorded lectures. 
  • Keep your hands busy by taking notes. When you write down something, you stimulate visual memory.

It’s important to underline that every person is unique in the way of perception and accumulating knowledge. You shouldn’t get disappointed if you don’t achieve desirable results at once. You should find the right key to the doors where your talents keep secured. The only thing you need to do is to keep moving ahead and pursue your dreams. We hope that our recommendations will help you in preparing your academic assignments and successfully finish your college or university career.


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