WikiLeaks Revealed a CIA Secret Document of  Android Mobile Hacking Tool called “HighRise” steal the victims Android smartphones data and send to CIA Control server using SMS messages for communication between Victims and CIA Controlled listener posts.

WikiLeaks Revealed Few days before Another CIA Cyber Weapons called “BothanSpy” and “Gyrfalcon” steals the SSH Credentials from both Windows and Linux Platform.

Highrise is a Malicious Android Application Developed by CIA for mobile devices running Android 4.0 to 4.3 with Redirection Function for SMS messaging. And it acts as an SMS proxy for communication between implants and listening posts.

This Application separates the targets and listening port by an act as a proxy and incoming SMS Messages received by HighRise via the Internet and  Send “outgoing” SMS messages via the HighRise host to CIA  listener.

HighRise Provide Highly Encrypted communication channels between Highrise filed operator (targeted victims) and listener posts over TLS/SSL secured internet communications.

How Do Highrise Attack Target Victims

HighRise v2.0 is a successor of HighRise 1.4 to operate with  Android 4.0 to 4.3  devices and old version of Android allowed to easily allowed an event as soon as HighRise installed.

HighRise installed to victims Android Mobile as an application called TideCheck by using browser Navigation to “” for installing into target phone.

CIA Android Hacking Tool "HighRise" Steals Data through SMS
CIA Android Hacking Tool "HighRise" Steals Data through SMS
CIA Android Hacking Tool "HighRise" Steals Data through SMS

According to CIA Document, Once downloaded, tap the entry in your downloads pages and click “OK” to accept the installation. Once installed, proceed to HighRise activation.

HighRise application first must be manually run once before it will automatically run in the background or after a reboot.

Once the installation has completed, it will promote to enter the password.after entering the password “inshallah”  then select the enter code Button.

After entering the password process, press “initialize” button to activate the application. once activation will be done, then it will automatically  HighRise will run in the background listening for events.

Once activated the application, the HighRise configuration will be displayed and To return directly to the configuration, from the main menu, select the button labeled “Show Configuration”. 

Once all the appropriate Configuration was done, HighRise can be used to send short messages from the HighRise host to the LP.

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