WikiLeaks Revealed a New CIA Document called “Protego” is PIC micro controller based Missile Control System Project and along with this, it contains  37 related proprietary hardware/software manuals.

Raytheon has Developed the missile control system that severing under the Protego Project.

Few Day before WikiLeaks Revealed CIA Hacking Tool called “Angelfire” which comprised of 5 integrated components that are used to Compromise the Windows Computers Especially Windows 7 and Windows XP

This Tool Different From other CIA Leaked Tool that all are Leaked under Malware and other cyber Attack Related one.

Based on the Indication of the Document, this tool is installed onboard a Pratt & Whitney aircraft (PWA) equipped with missile launch systems.

Missile System has 3 Micro Controllers (‘Missle Smart Switch’, MSS), the tube (‘Tube Smart Switch’, TSS) and the collar (which holds the missile before and at launch time) which is Placed in the Missile itself.

Separate micro-controller units are Equipped with Protego which helps to Exchange the data signals over encrypted and authenticated channels.

Protego system Image Requirement

Protego consists of 7 Different Images that are the complete Requirement used to Develop the Protego Project. Following Images are using for Different Purpuses.

  1. P1.X.production.hex
  2. P2.X.production.hex
  3. P3.X.production.hex
  4. P4.X.production.hex
  5. P5.X.production.hex
  6. P1_S.X.production.hex
  7. P2_ Maintenance.production.hex

According to Leaked CIA Document First, 3 Images using for build images are unique for each Collar, Tube, and Missile set and the keys must match.

Next 4th and  5th  Images used for used on the deployment Box for configuration control of any Protego system.

Last 2 Images used for build images are used when reprogramming the MP processor.

Master Processor is used to receiving 3 Signals from a beacon that are   ‘In Border’ (PWA is within the defined area of an operation), ‘Valid GPS’ (GPS signal available) and ‘No End of Operational Period’ (current time is within the defined timeframe for an operation)
Missiles can only be launched if all signals received by MP are set to ‘true’. Similarly, safeguards are in place to auto-destruct encryption and authentication keys for various scenarios (like ‘leaving a target area of operation’ or ‘missing missile’).  CIA Document Says.

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