Q1 2016 figures from anti-virus firm 360 Security found 86.83 per cent of UK users were subject to “malicious” attacks, above global average of 76.14 per cent

More than 1,000 Android users are subject to an attempted hack on a daily basis in the UK, according to anti-virus provider 360 Security.

The software firm carried out research into the number of attacks carried out against Android users during the first three months of 2016. It found 86.83 per cent of the attacks carried out were “malicious charge” attacks, significantly higher than the global average of 76.14 per cent.

Research from mobile app 360 Security shows that its UK customers were the target of unsuccessful virus and Trojan attacks every day in the first quarter of 2016, therefore the total figure for attacks on Androids across the UK are likely to be much higher.

The attacks can take various forms involving background activity while turning the phone into a zombie and costing the user money. The virus downloads large files without advising the user, sends premium rate SMS messages, and operates click fraud schemes where a specific pay-per-click web page is opened each time the phone is unlocked. A single user can rack up thousands of pounds daily for the cyber-criminal behind the fraud.

“Most people only think of viruses and Trojans attacking PC desktops and laptops, but the truth is that mobile phones are increasingly becoming a target for hackers”, said 360 Security brand manager Jean-Baptiste Carpentier.

“Given that we now use them for online banking, shopping, booking tickets, sending personal information and much more, this is not surprising. Most of us are already aware of the need to install anti-virus software on a new PC desktop or laptop, but the high security risks of mobile phones are only now becoming recognised.”



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