VMware Fixes High-severity Flaw that Affects VMware Workstation, Fusion and vSphere Products

VMware fixes a high-severity vulnerability that affects multiple products, exploitation allows attackers to obtain sensitive information.

VMware Vulnerabilities


The out-of-bounds read vulnerability affects VMware ESXi, Workstation, and Fusion, users are recommended to update with the fixed versions.

“A malicious actor with local non-administrative access to a virtual machine may be able to read privileged information contained in a memory,” reads advisory.


A privilege escalation vulnerability that exists with VMware Horizon Client for Windows due to folder permission configuration and unsafe loading of libraries.


The vulnerability can be exploited by a local user on the system and them able to run commands as any user.

The vulnerability affects Horizon Client for Windows 5.x and prior, fixed with version 5.4.3, the vulnerability considered as important severity range and CVSSv3 base score of 8.4.


A code injection vulnerability with VMware Cloud Director leads to arbitrary remote code execution. The vulnerability can be exploited by threat actors by sending malicious traffic to VMware Cloud Director.

“This vulnerability can be exploited through the HTML5- and Flex-based UIs, the API Explorer interface, and API access,” reads the advisory.

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