Hackers hijacked the official website of the popular video editing software and replaced the download links, causing the users to download the banking malware.

VSDC is the popular video editing software and the company official website has nearly 1.3 million monthly visits.

Hackers hijacked the download links that causing visitors to download the dangerous banking malware, Win32.Bolik.2, and the Trojan.PWS.Stealer (KPOT stealer) along with the editing software.

According to Doctor Web researchers, one of the VSDC developer’s computer has been compromised, which led to the website hijack. The website found to be compromised between 2019-02-21 and 2019-03-23.

Hackers injected a malicious Javascript in the VSDC website which determines the visitor’s geolocation and replaces the download link for the visitors from the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

So users who download the VSDC software from the website will also receive a dangerous banking malware Win32.Bolik.2, which is the predecessor of Win32.Bolik.1. As of now, 565 users have been infected with malware.

The malware is designed to perform the following functions

  • Web injections
  • Traffic intercepts
  • Key-logging
  • Stealing banking credentials

“Additionally, on 22.03.2019 the attackers changed the Win32.Bolik.2 trojan to another malware, a variation of the Trojan.PWS.Stealer, KPOT Stealer. This trojan steals information from browsers, Microsoft accounts, several messengers and some other programs. In just one day it was downloaded by 83 users,” reads Dr.web blog post.

Last year also the companies official website has been compromised and replaced with download links that download AZORult Stealer, X-Key Keylogger and the DarkVNC backdoor.

Doctor Web notified to VSDC and the download links are restored now if you downloaded the software in the period, then you will be affected. Users are recommended to install antivirus Anti-Virus/Malware Software and check their devices for infection.

Indicators of compromise IoCs

fbe8f9be579dddd2bcb109ea5107005e7d914c6d: video_converter.exe
f2f2005062f6de7844b05b1d92f2a52cbec01e6a: video_editor_x32.exe
280b3d53ce23ef27f222a979b58bbaf6a25629e9: video_editor_x64.exe
30fa0e961c4c2b43a977eca4639edf058c52a6e6: codec_pack.exe
9c520a412bd3fe627848bc56c1cc7385be35edef: codec_pack.exe
6f681bb7190c6d808e43ab929c3891759b0fe5c9: codec_pack.exe
8d1475501dad8a4e82c415c0be1a830ce169cc22: video_converter.exe
8c4f3862d50c3bbfcebd69cabf18086a835d69ca: video_editor_x32.exe
e5b8e3f61ae25fb8cbcefb34e73fe521cc57956b: video_editor_x64.exe
4cb3e80c3e75c76190608944a90e1108293c04ec: codec_pack.exe
Network Indicators

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