What Android Users Need to Know About In-App Purchasing

In-app purchasing is becoming a boom in society. It is beneficial for both developers and users. Developers earn money when users purchase their apps. At the same time, users benefit from the app through an easy way of purchasing needs. However, before you involve yourself in IAP, the following are things you should know about in-app purchasing.

It Requires a Lot of Money 

Playing mobile games is fun and relaxing. It can be a form of leisure time. It is what people do when bored, relaxing, or taking a break. However, some mobile game players get addicted to playing. They can sacrifice not sleeping or eating just to be on the game. Some of them are also willing to spend money on the expensive and addictive games to have a higher rank, become more powerful, or to buy tools that will help them win. 

If you are planning to purchase a mobile app that needs in-app purchasing, you might be interested in considering the expenses you can have if you get addicted. Paying for the game to be installed on your phone is okay. However, always paying to be in a higher rank or more is not an ideal way of spending money.

Unauthorized Purchase

When parents are busy with work, household chores, or cooking and their toddler or little kid is asking for attention or not behaving. That is why they often lend them their phones. Wherein they let their kids play with their phone. Through this, parents can finish what they are doing. However, what if their kid suddenly purchases an expensive game? It will be a problem for parents. In some countries, some parents file chargers against these game developers because their game lacks authorization. Wherein it does not ask for confirmation. Luckily, there is still a way to do a refund when your child made an accidental purchase. Through this, some parents are not eager to pay chargers. 

However, these incidents imply that mobile games and other apps that require an IAP should inform the user before they download to avoid unauthorized purchases. If you are a parent, you need to research the game you will download for your child or app you will use before clicking that install button.

You Can Play for Free

If you want to purchase an app that requires IAP, you do not need to worry because some apps have a free trial. Google Play for Android now offers a free trial for apps that needs a subscription. Therefore, you can try the app and decide after if you will purchase it. If ever you decide to buy the software, marketers will direct you to global integrators that offer these subscription solutions that enable reliable payment methods. Some developers allow this to happen because it is a way for them to improve their apps, to make it user-friendly and enjoyable. Through your comments and suggestions, they can make apps that are worth purchasing.


The following shows that before you get yourself involved in IAP, you should research its pros and cons. Through this, you will avoid unnecessary expenses. It will also train you to purchase apps that you need. Spending money on your needs is more valuable rather than spending money on your wants. However, if you want to reward yourself and purchase a mobile game, see unto it that you will not spend too much money.

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