What is a VPN? Why Would I Need One

VPN means virtual private network. A VPN connection is an encrypted data connection, and this encryption takes place between the user’s device and the VPN server. All sent and incoming data are redirected via a VPN server to make your online existence more secure and safer. 

In the era of constant tech-dynamism, where internet surfing has stopped being reasonable without privacy measures anymore, VPN brings a smart way to guard your actions and identifications against being monitored or leaked. 

Virtual Private Network – The Working

Now you know that VPN provides you more security, more accessibility, more anonymity, there is a need to understand how it works.  

Your machine is a client and the data will be entered from one end of the VPN server; it will be encrypted before reaching out to the internet.


The other end of the VPN server will decrypt this data at the time when it will reach the desired device such as email or web server. The same cycle gets repeated on the way back from the destination (the client machine) to source or vice versa. 

You can also easily install a VPN server yourself. The specified software is often downloaded free from charge.

There are detailed explanations for this. A VPN server is usually mounted on many various devices, i.e., on individual routers, the Raspberry Pi, computers that always run, a NAS station then on.

Also practical: installing your VPN server reception so that you’ll securely access your house network from the surface.

During this case, you’re liable for the right configuration of the VPN server and, therefore, the VPN client yourself.

The Need of Virtual Private Network 

A VPN features a sort of uses. More often, it’s employed by business personals and travelers for communication with clients and other peers. However, an individual would also need it, nonetheless. Why actually?

Let’s take the instance of the traveler. He’s regularly on the road and would like to quickly check his e-mails and edit a document at the airport on the way to the subsequent appointment.

To do this, he logs into the airport’s open WLAN, which is often unencrypted. Unencrypted means it’s also relatively easy for laypersons to read the info traffic that runs over the WLAN.

A freely accessible software or mobile app is sufficient for this. There is, therefore, a risk that sensitive business data, but also customer and employee data, are going to be tapped.

Additionally to the loss of the info, there’s a risk of image damage and fines from the supervisory authorities.

A suitable VPN application ensures that unauthorized persons can not read the info. Also, it enables access to drives that are located on the corporate server and will only be available within the company network. Without VPN, centrally stored documents can’t be processed.

Virtual Private Network – The Use – Cases 

There are free VPN services, there are paid VPN services. You need to choose any of them as per your requirement set; i.e. ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN are some of the most common and recommended paid VPN solutions.

In the same way, there are tons of advantages provided by Virtual Private Network other than the ones which are discussed above. However, a few of them are listed below in detail:  

Protect Your Privacy Online

Nobody can see the info that you receive and send via your internet connection. All of this data is encrypted. Hackers would only get encrypted data that they couldn’t do anything with it.

Your internet provider also not features a view of which websites you visit or which online services you employ. Advertising companies can not easily follow you and can’t create a profile of you.

Surf safely online

Because all data between your device and the VPN server is encrypted, hackers are unable to look at and misuse the info you send. Wifi networks are known to be easy to hack, especially with a man-in-the-middle attack. For more information, see Using wifi networks safely.

Bypass Locks

Another significant advantage is the ability to bypass geographic locks. You’ll then easily watch FOX Sports abroad. With a VPN, you’ll also view websites in countries where this is often actually impossible, for instance, in China, where internet censorship prevails.

The use of a Virtual Private Network is a necessity. It gives you more confidence to be on the internet. So far, in this article, we have explained the basics of VPN along with its baseline functionality and use-cases. 


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