Like probably you, we don’t like cheaters in CS: GO. Third-party programs kill all the fun you get from the gameplay. How can you enjoy winning when you know you don’t deserve it?

In addition, the use of cheats is fraught with consequences. Get caught at least once by Valve (VAC), and you can kiss your Steam account goodbye forever.

Cheaters need to be dealt with. And you need to know your enemy to fight them. So today, we’ll tell you about the most common CS: GO cheats. If you see them in the game, you can safely click on the report button!


Probably, this is the most common cheat in CS: GO. As its name suggests, it allows you to see other players through walls.

Thanks to him, cheaters know ahead of time what positions to check and how to avoid the dangers ahead. No matter how hard you try, a dishonest player is 99% likely to defeat you in a firefight, thanks to information about your location.

Communication and information transfer is an important part of Counter-Strike gameplay. Without it, it will be difficult for you to achieve victory. But players with Wallhack get around that: they can beat the whole enemy’s team by themselves. Against them, it’s useless to invent something and try to surprise them. They’re always 10 steps ahead of them.


Some people take years to practice good shooting in CS: GO. People learn how to control the clip and spend hundreds of hours on aimbot maps. But players with Aimbot do it differently: download the cheat, tweak the settings, and your sight will always be pointed at the opponent. You can also useĀ battlefield2042 aimbot.

With it, the aim is aimed immediately at the opponent’s model, so cheaters can immediately start shooting without the fear of missing even a millimeter from their target.

Worst of all is the following: Aimbot can be set up so that you won’t even immediately realize the cheater’s presence. Not everyone puts the aim on their head; not everyone fixes the aim on the enemy to get the perfect clamp. Be careful, pay attention to small details, and report intruders to Patrol.


 The dumbest cheat in existence. When Spinbot is activated, the player starts spinning 360 degrees incessantly and puts a headshot after every shot.

When you see this, it is useless to resist. If, in the case of Wallhack and, in some cases, Aimbot, you can still react faster than the cheater, then here, the match’s outcome is predetermined immediately. Report it and forget about it.

Speed Hack

Imagine that you have started a pistol round on Inferno. You play for the defense side. No more than 5 seconds after the start of the round and an attacking player runs to point B. How does this happen? The speed cheat helped him in this.

Yes, there is software in CS: GO that allows you to speed up your character’s walk. Behind such a player is not a single scope that will not keep up! You just can not keep up with him.


More dishonest gamers can increase the speed of switching between rifles. For example, it doesn’t take them even a second to pick up the Deagle and then put the AWP back into their hands. And so they can immediately make a shot at the enemy who tried to take them by surprise.

Worse, with the cheat on the speed of movement, players can pass through obstacles: crates, walls, doors, and so on. And here, we can only hope that the VAC reacts to such an outrage.


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