Whatsapp Blocked

World Biggest Messenger Gaint messaging app Whatsapp Blocked Completely In China Government After Facebook and Google Bans.

Whatsapp Video and Image Sharing Future have been Already Blocked last July in China and finally text messaging also added into this List.

This Bock Reason Seems that the Whatsapp offers end-to-end encryption which provides High inaccessible capability even to the Government.

Whatsapp Blocked

Whatsapp Parent company and Social Media Gaint Facebook already Banned 7 Years before in China but still, Facebook is trying to Enter into China Market by Developing Chinese version of its Private Photo Sharing App called Colorful Balloons.

Buinconspicuously Distributing Under the Chinese company Called Youge Internet Technology and it’s Unclear that China knows this Project or not.

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In this Case, China May have Upgraded its Protocol to Detect and Block the Strong NoiseSocket protocol That is used by Whatsapp for send and Receiving Texts.

According to NewyorkTimes Report, The blocks against WhatsApp originated with the government, according to a person familiar with the situation who declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the disruption.

An Applied cryptographer Nadim Kobeissi Said, “The blocking of WhatsApp text messages suggests that China’s censors may have developed specialized software to interfere with such messages, which rely on an encryption technology that is used by few services other than WhatsApp.”

China Already Blocking many Social Media Services such as

Main Reason this Target is that Whatsapp is Providing A Strong End-to-End Encryption which helps to keep the Message More Private and Whatsapp Always Refused to Provide the Details About the Private Chat information to any Country Governments.

But Unlike Whatsup other domestic Chinese apps Like WeChat always Provide All Personal Data into Chinese  Government which already have 963 million active users.

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