Whatsapp malware targets Indian Android Users, a warning issued by Central security services.

This malware spreads through true looking word records sent by means of WhatsApp, which could then take delicate data from clients, including internet banking credentials and other Sensitive data.

Identified malicious WhatsApp messages

Hackers are taking advantage of two major associations in the district to trick clients to tap on the message attachment.

So for identified malicious WhatsApp messages contain names of major organizations in India

  1. NDA (National Defense Academy) “NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls”

  2. NIA (National Investigation Agency) “NIA-selection-order-.xls”

Behaviour and targeted Audience

Once downloaded, the corrupt files hack into the phone’s system and steal the user’s personal information, passwords, login accounts and banking data.

The malware is most formatted as an Excel document, but officials said it could also appear in Word or Pdf formats.

The primary focus of the malware has been the Indian defense, paramilitary and police forces.

“As these two organizations are very popular and known within the country and abroad and there is a curiosity about them, it is possible that it may affect the mobile phones of people interested in these subjects,” officials told the Economic Times.

Whatsapp has not commented about malware or security measures to prevent circulation.It’s unclear at this time what else this virus does on a phone or tablet.

Preventive Method

As usual, the ideal approach to make sure your information is to avoid from tapping on questionable connections, regardless of how you get them, and limit app use to applications downloaded from authority application stores.

If you accidentally clicked on the Malware disable the Internet Connection immediately.



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