Why Choose Node.js for Web Development

Node.js is a platform that offers many great opportunities. In this article, we’ll take a look at the key uses of the platform. What is more, you’ll receive a description of the key groups that are willing to work with it. If you want more information on web development via Node, don’t hesitate to join our website: https://keenethics.com/services-web-development-node

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a platform with a large number of characteristics. Let’s take a look at some of the key ones that define the platform in question:

  • Node.js is a runtime environment that allows running code in the back-end. In short, you can create server-side code by using the platform in question.
  • JavaScript is the main programming language for Node.js. This usage is the key revolution stemming from Node.js because, to a great extent, JavaScript is a front-end platform. In the past, it was used solely for developing on the web. Node.js changed everything, giving the language the ability to promote a potent form of full-stack development

Today, Node.js is one of the best platforms for full-stack web development. After all, it allows doing everything via the use of JavaScript, minimizing the usage of other languages. This information means that the ease of development in the case is much more robust than usual. After all, you will only need developers who know JavaScript rather than a plethora of other languages.

What is Node.js Commonly Used for?

Node.js has many common uses. One can utilize it for a wide set of platforms. Here are some examples that we know:

  • Financial services: modern fintech companies make big investments into development via Node.js. The reasons are quite understandable. It perfectly handles a large number of users and, more importantly, offers an opportunity to have potent security;
  • Selling platforms: eBay, for instance, utilizes Node.js for its operations. Asynchronous code capabilities are the key reason in this case, most likely. Node.js can launch websites very fast by loading their elements in a non-sequential manner. Therefore, a page with many small elements greatly benefits from the usage of the platform in question;
  • Streaming platforms: Netflix is using Node.js for its day-to-day operations too. The aforementioned advantages are of great help in this case.

Who Works with Node Cases?

Generally, two options exist when it comes to people working with Node cases:

  • You can hire freelancers who would be able to write some elements of the relevant code using the Node.js platform;
  • Outsourcing companies also provide services of this type and can give you both individual developers and whole teams to work with.


To summarize, Node.js is a highly potent platform today. You can use it for a wide number of services. The uses we’ve mentioned above are far from exhaustive. If you want to learn more about Node.js, don’t hesitate to address our company, KeenEthics: we can give you many useful tips.

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