With the last windows update on April 11, a set of privacy enhancements helped in improving your privacy with Windows 10. With the next major update, Fall Creators Update(FCU) will be provided prompt before utilizing the app.

Microsoft has implemented those privacy changes into the setup process at the first one they gave direct access to privacy statement in the setup process.

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windows 10

And the second one, while installing a new device, the Learn More page on the privacy settings screen enables you to jump to specific settings for location, speech recognition, diagnostics, tailored experiences, and ads while you choose your privacy settings.

It helps you define the specific feature by simply using Learn More button, which makes all the privacy information readily available for the users and to keep users more informative.

Control over Application windows 10

With the new enhanced privacy settings users will get transparent control over the application, from Fall Creators Update and it prompt users for access to their camera, microphone, contacts, and calendar.

Starting with the Fall Creators Update, we’re extending this experience to other device capabilities for apps you install through the Windows Store. You will be prompted to provide permission before an app can access key device capabilities or information such as your camera, microphone, contacts, and calendar, among others.

App permission prompts will only apply to apps installed after the Fall Creators Update. Microsoft to announce these privacy changes coming next month in the Fall Creators Update. Windows Insiders will get an early look of some of these changes in the coming weeks.

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