Newly discovered Dangerous CryptoMiner called WinstarNssmMiner rapidly spreading and generate huge revenue via mining Monero on infected computers.

It Brutally Hijacking Computers intercepted its attack over 500 thousand times within 3 days. Researchers named it WinstarNssmMiner since it mainly attacking Windows-based computers.

This malware is difficult to evacuate since victim’s PCs crash when they found and terminate the malware.

WinstarNssmMiner is capable of evading the detection when it facing the Antivirus scanning and it turns off antivirus protection.

After the infection, victims will face a lot if an issue such as slow down the computer the blue screens of their computers.

How does WinstarNssmMiner Attack Works

Malware adopting some sophisticated techniques to hijack victims computers and mining the cryptocurrency.

Initially, this malware finds any decent antivirus software, Such as Kaspersky, Avast Once it enters into the victim’s computer and if its find any AV then it terminates itself.

It launches a 2 legitimate system process, svchost.exe and injects the malicious code in it. once will perform the mining tasks. and other will runs in the background for sensing the antivirus protection and evade detection.

According to 360totalsecurity, Though WinstarNssmMiner has the ability to deceive antivirus software. It’s in its nature still a CryptorMiner and its implementation is based on the open source project, XMRIG. It comes with four ming pool and is able to determine mining pool based on the parameters passed to it.

Later it Set spawned process attribute to CriticalProcess for protects itself by configuring its ming process’s and this malware will crash the computer once the victims try to terminate the malware process.

This Rapid Spreading crypto miner earned around  133 Monero (28 thousands US dollars) within 3 days.



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