India’s Leading outsourcing giant Wipro Ltd confirmed that some of its employee accounts have been hacked in an advanced phishing campaign. The company detected an abnormal activity in a few of his employee accounts on its network.

Kerbs On Security detailed that the companies It systems have been hacked and used to launch an attack against the company’s customers. The company “dealing with a multi-month intrusion from an assumed state-sponsored attacker.”

Security experts said Kerbs, that “Wipro’s customers traced malicious and suspicious network reconnaissance activity back to partner systems that were communicating directly with Wipro’s network.”

“We came to know of a potentially abnormal activity from our network, which was related to very few employee accounts. These employee accounts were subjected to very advanced phishing activity,” said Wipro Spokesperson Bhanumurthy BM.

After learning the attack, we triggered a Forensic investigation to detect the impacted users and steps to mitigate the attack, the company said.

Sources reported Kerbs that the company is “building out a new private email network because the intruders were thought to have compromised Wipro’s corporate email system for some time. Also, the company provided indicators of compromise for concerned clients.”

Wipro’s spokesperson said that the company has retained an independent forensic firm to assist in the investigation. Wipro didn’t provide any details of how many customers impacted with the security breach.

We continue to monitor our enterprise and infrastructure at a heightened level of alertness,” the Wipro added.

Wipro to announce it’s fourth-quarter earnings yesterday, the security incident may have an immediate impact on the firm.

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